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A huge thank you from all of the LCE team.  It was a brilliant project and the energy and atmosphere at the concert spoke for itself.

-Ulster Orchestra LCE team

Jessie began her career as a workshop leader when she joined the ranks of Live Music Now with the Jacquin Trio and is passionate about making music accessible to everyone. 

She has spent the last decade honing her craft as a workshop leader and has worked for a whole host of organisations, from major UK orchestras to grassroots charities, working in settings from mainstream primary schools, to hospital wards, to care home to psychiatric hospital schools.

Jessie's workshops are fun, inclusive and always participant centred. From primary school sessions writing songs to be performed by students live with an orchestra, to writing music inspired by art with carers, to improvising with teenagers in hospital, she merges years of on the ground experience with humour, warmth, a loud colourful shirt and her "bubbly and lively" personality.

 Jessie loves in working in Special Educational Needs settings and has led Sinfonia Viva's Sensory Room Tour since 2018.

Working one to one with students with profound and multiple learning disabilities, Jessie and the Viva team connect with young people through play and improvisation. 

She has also presented and developed the Ulster Orchestra's Relaxed Performance series since its inception, making orchestral concerts a welcoming place for children and adults with additional needs.

Thank you for an unforgettable project with the most wonderful people I could have dreamt of working with. I am still singing the songs and my cheeks are still aching from smiling so much! 

-Sinfonia Viva orchestral player

Jessie has enjoyed creative partnerships with organisations such as:

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This wonderful experience will develop their confidence, resilience and aspiration. It was a very moving and rewarding event that will stay with me, their parents and most importantly themselves for the rest of their lives

-Teacher at participant school 

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